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Manaulinks Internet Service Provider

Why we need to choose Manaulinks?

Manaulinks ISP can use unlimited data; In addition to the stability and speed of the line, there is also a Customer Service Department that provides 24-hour service.

In addition, since it is a Fiber Internet Service, there is no need to worry about the internet being down at all, so users and parents can forget about all the inconveniences they have experienced by using Manaulinks.

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Our Manaulinks Internet Service Provider support these kinds of Services.

FTTH Service

Our Manaulinks ISP Support FTTH service.

IP Services

Our Manaulinks ISP Support IP Services.

DIA Service

Our Manaulinks ISP Support DIA-Line Service.


Our ManauLinks ISP Support 24/7 Customer Support Service.

Service Integration

Our Manaulinks ISP Support Service Integration Projects Service.

Planning and Design

Our Manaulinks ISP support Network Design and IP Planning Service.


Our Manaulinks Internet Service Provider support these Service Plan.


ဧရာဝတီ Package

  • Bandwidth 12Mbps
  • Suitable Users - 4

မနောမြေ Package

  • Bandwidth 25Mbps
  • Suitable Users - 8
Plan-3 >

မြစ်ဧရာ Package

  • Bandwidth 40Mbps
  • Suitable Users - 13